About Us


New owner/Admin: Hope Frazier.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you that have been enrolled with AHA throughout the years. I am very excited to re amp AHA and see just how great this cover school can grow! I do apologize for the lack of communication the past couple months, As we have been busy swapping over everything. We are good to go now!

To celebrate my new position I have decided to give a small thank you, to show my appreciation!




 ( Re enrollment due by June 1st)


Alabama Hope Academy is very happy and thankful for being one of the oldest cover, church, umbrella, private schools in the state of Alabama. We provide covering for the entire state of Alabama, so you can homeschool at home under a home program under Alabama Hope Academy as your cover school. Your school name, diploma, etc., will be Alabama Hope Academy. Once you withdraw your child from public school and enroll with us  you will no longer be part of public school system at all. You will only follow Alabama Hope Academy requirements rules etc. . We have not had any dispute, disagreement, or problem at all with any superintendent in the entire state of Alabama for many many years. 

We have never had any college, military branch, or employer refuse our transcript or diploma. (Parent must make sure we have correct grades, info, etc., for such)


 We are located in North East  Alabama in the county of Dekalb.

If you live in Alabama you may enroll with us.  We are Christian  and  welcome all!

We do not require:

  • Any statement of faith.
  • Any meetings at any time.

Homeschoolers can be legally enrolled with AHA within minutes.  Legal parent/guardian clicks enroll button, pays with credit or debit card.  On bottom of payment thank you page you click link.  You fill out your enrollment forms online. You print and save to your PC. Takes an average 8 minutes and you're legal. You print your form and mail to your public superintendent. That's it. 


 We firmly believe every parent has the right to homeschool,  to teach their children what, where, when and how they choose.

We are here so you can do that. Our slogan and firm belief is simply "Alabama Hope Academy is where you can focus on your homeschool and family, not your cover school."

We want to support all homeschoolers anyway we can. We are here when and if you need us, otherwise we stay out of your way.  If you need info, support and or help in Alabama with homeschool we will have a support group up and running soon. 


 Are you ready to home school?

Have you been homeschooling and just want a new school?

Well if you live  anywhere, yes anywhere in the entire state of Alabama you may enroll with us, and we would love to have you!

 Students we have you in mind also not just the parents. We have the following available in our Members area for students as well as in parents area. Which means the student will have their own email address and everything the parent does provided student is old enough to use it and it is ok with parent.  This is great way for the students to talk and work with other students across the state of Alabama, as well as get help from other students if needed. Parents same goes for you.  If you are new to homeschool, best way easiest way to learn about homeschool is from other homeschoolers. Within a few clicks you have this available.

Our Members Area has the following:

A Parents Area  plus  Students Area:

  • Free email address    @ahakids.org
  • Free Documents,  you can add you own and keep it private so just you can see it, or you can share it with one person or all members of AHA.  You will have access to AHA doc's for example if you need drivers lic. or learners permit, just open your doc's that AHA has shared with you.  Find correct form, print and take with you to DMV.  Doc's, spreadsheets, or presentation can be worked on together at same time in different locations. You can put all student, parent, teaching stuff in one place.
  • Free web site. If  you are doing a project and want it online? Want to blog about homeschool? Possibilities are endless.
  • Free Calendar. Keep it personal or share and add to AHA's school calendar.
  • Free Chat
  • Accessible.  All email, docs, calendar, and sites can be accessed by PC or any mobile device, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows  Phone, any phone with a browser, or tablet.

  • We have Twitter. Join us www.twitter.com/hsnow101  we will keep you updated.